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SAG’s center of competence for geo-information technology

SAG CeGIT provides practically relevant solutions in the Consulting, IT Products and Routing sectors for public utilities, network operators, local authorities and industrial enterprises.

We support our customers in ensuring the highest possible degree of data quality and intelligent data processing. For this purpose we develop solutions for network data management and provide our own, integrative IT products. In addition, we perform services in the project planning and routing sector on the basis of our own technologies.

With our product and services portfolio we make it possible for our customers to operate their networks economically. There are over 200 companies who value our 20 years plus experience and the service which we provide comprehensively. Our business relations are characterised by the security and continuity which we guarantee through a strong grouping within SAG.

SAG Germany

SAG CeGIT is a part of SAG Germany. SAG is the leading service and system supplier for electricity, gas, water and telecommunications networks and for installations connected with the generation, provision and application of energy and media.

SAG Imagetrailer

SAG Imagetrailer