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Improved waterway management

Improved waterway management

Unified standards

It was previously almost impossible to present consistent geo-information on the Danube. CeGIT ensured an overall view. Thanks to uniform standards there are now digital waterway maps throughout.

The ten states adjacent to the Danube all had different documentation regarding the waterway. In this the bandwidth ranged from analogue maps through to geo-information systems.

CeGIT was commissioned with the integration of the national geographical databases along the length of the Danube into a superordinate system by the Fachstelle Geoinformation Süd (FGS). 

The aim of the project was the creation of a uniform standard for data exchange and the creation of digital waterway maps for the Danube. 

The maintenance of a European standard was particularly significant with regard to heterogeneous databases. 

You can find additional information in the specialist article on the topic which appeared in the IWSV, no. 2/2006: "Integration of geographical data along the Danube" (German only)