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Geoportal for Rhineland-Palatinate

Geoportal for Rhineland-Palatinate

Geo-information for everyone

Rhineland-Palatinate makes geo-data available on an online portal. For this purpose, CeGIT integrated around 70 different databases from 20 offices.

Rhineland-Palatinate makes a geo portal available at www.geoportal.rlp.de on which citizens can find geographical and official information and tourists can take a virtual trip through the region. 

The portal was realised jointly by CeGIT, Wheregroup and Q4U. The CeGIT product WebGIS is one of several used for implementation and it ensures that the geo-data for the web application are made available. Around 70 different spatial databases from 20 offices have been centralised for this purpose.

In the geo portal, users can find information on the road network, land prices, conservation obligations or building plans. It is also possible to call up aerial photographs and walking routes and standard land, ground values for example.