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The web browser as an interface

The web browser as an interface

Operation made to measure

The network operation of public utilities is no longer possible without a tailored operational management system. CeGIT created a future focused solution for the Erkrath public utilities in the shape of MABI2.0.

The Erkrath public utilities (North Rhine-Westphalia) were looking for an integration tool for the technical operational management of their electricity, gas and water network. With MABI2.0 they received a product which largely won them over due to a focus on the process linked integration of existing systems (including GIS) and the straightforward availability via a web browser.

MABI2.0 supports the employees of the Erkrath public utilities in the planning, control and evaluation of operational sequences, particularly in the maintenance and fault management and in the evaluation of their installations. These processes are linked in closely with the operational sequences and determine their rhythm reciprocally. Depending on the type and scope of the documentation arising from order data, movement, condition and consumption data, the Erkrath public utilities can make evaluations of the installations. Subsequently it is possible to create strategic plans and prioritised lists as guidance for the maintenance planning on the basis of their evaluation.

With the operational management system the Erkrath public utilities wish to make savings in new investments in network expansion, cost savings in maintenance and material acquisition and improvements in service quality.

Detailed information in the article "Web browser as interface" (Business Geomatics, 3/2012, German only)