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WebGIS — Use geo-data quickly and easily

As a network operator you must guarantee access to your geo-data every day regardless of the time of day or location. The data must also be up to the minute.

With WebGIS, we provide a scalable solution which provides uncomplicated access to your geo-data at all times and all locations. The application connects GIS data sources from various systems. Users work interactively with the data via a web browser. WebGIS can be used flexibly, for example as a tool for geo-marketing, for geo-portals or for the legal online planning information of network operators. Complete individual developments are also possible.

Your benefits

  • Access to high quality output data within a minimum time frame
  • Reduction of costs for data provision
  • Access to the data in a habitual working environment
  • Use of standards which are in the meantime also supported by open source components free of licensing charges
  • Transparency regarding access