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SAG-xRCM — The SAP Add-on for Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM)

The energy revolution and incentive regulations require new approaches to solutions in the maintenance of existing power grids. Previously, the focus was on cyclical equipment maintenance. Today, reliability-centred maintenance is increasingly in demand. Many companies are using SAP® EAM in the field of maintenance. It's for this reason that we have developed a powerful add-on with xRCM, which builds on the existing SAP software with important functions for effective RCM. xRCM can support you both in operative and strategic maintenance with, for example:

  • The integration of a powerful RCM methodology
  • Reliable systems evaluation based on costs, significance and status indices
  • Comprehensive reports in the form of priority lists and evaluation analyses

Your benefits

  • You will receive audit-compliant data and facts for optimum budget planning and administration
  • You will receive important evaluation criteria which help you save on maintenance costs and personnel expenditure, as well as to optimise the availability of the supply network
  • Maintenance works can be planned around your equipment, and individual maintenance strategies can be developed for each individual supply network
  • Directly applicable: existing data from SAP such as master data, system structures, transaction data, costs, maintenance processes etc. are automatically transferred
  • The existing SAP environment can continue being used without complete new investments and with a minimum of training